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Career Development – Empowering Individuals for Career Growth . . .

Ajay and Sumit, two best friends, qualified B.Tech Computers with similar grades from same institute and same batch. Ajay seeks a career while Sumit looked for a job. In 5 years Ajay moved onto become a Project Head in an MNC while Sumit was still working as a Software Developer in a competitive MNC and supporting his basic needs. Then came recession and IT companies had a major impact. During recession Ajay sustained his position while Sumit was shown the doors as he didn’t progress much in 5 years and was amongst average performers.

There is a lot to learn from the above story which is actually the scenario nowadays. For individuals to sustain and grow, in today’s competitive world, it is important for them to be career focussed and not job focussed. Our Career Development Program is a mentoring program that focuses on enabling individuals to take charge of their own career that can ultimately lead them towards career growth and is developed for the individuals who are in their initial stage of career.

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